Frequently asked questions about starting eCommerce

How do I change/check my invoicing details?

In your administration you can change your agreement and payment details. The following can be seen in the menu section "Self Provision":

  • Upgrade - Here you can change your shop type.
  • Invoice info - Here you can see and change your invoicing details, such as contact person, address and email address for payments.
  • Agreement - Here you can see and change your agreement and invoicing period.
  • Invoice history - Here you can see your previous payments. If you pay by card you can also print receipts and change your card details by clicking "Edit your credit card".
  • Domain name - Here you can see and change your shop domain name.

I've lost the link to my admin, what do I do?

The easiest way to get to your admin is to first go to your actual web shop and from there you click one of your products. You then look at the URL address och delete everything from .sf and instead write .admin.

For example if one of your products have the URL address:
the address to your administration is:

How do I pay for my web shop?

You pay your monthly fee with your credit card. When ordering your shop you choose if you want a 1 month, 6 months or 12 months agreement. You then provide your card number and that's it. Your card will be automatically charged with the monthly fee each month, i.e. you don't pay the full cost of the agreement at once, you just pay the monthly fee each month.

How to create an online store in practice?

Creating your own online store is easy with Vilkas Group's services. Once you have placed your online store order with us, we'll immediately send you the addresses and passwords to the customer pages and administration of your new online store.

You'll also receive an extensive information package that will help you customize your store's settings according to your vision. Our quick and professional customer service will also be at your service.

Which software must be installed in order to have the shop up and running?

You don't need to install anything. All the software needed will be hosted and maintained by Vilkas Group. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. You'll customize and use your online store with a Web browser.

Which payment methods are available?

The payment solution Klarna Checkout is already installed in the web shop. With Klarna Checkout the customer can pay their order by invoice, card and bank. Klarna Checkout is included in the web shop agreement and no separate agreement is needed with Klarna. It is also possible to use other payment solutions, we offer a wide selection of integrations to several payment services.

Can I use my online store as my company's website?

Yes, you can. With Vilkas online store services you can create a conventional website, or an online store, or a combination of these. You can also connect your new online store to a website you already have.

Do I need technical skills to set up the online store?

You don't need PHP, AJAX, CSS, HTML or other technical skills. You can create a Vilkas Group online store totally without programming knowledge, and you don't need those skills for customizing the look of your online store either. But on the other hand, it is possible to have complete control over the website's design with HTML/CSS knowledge.

How secure is a Vilkas online store?

The online stores are located in Vilkas' own servers in Finland. Vilkas experts with its partners ensure that the security level of Vilkas stores meets even the highest information security standards. Vilkas online store software is based on the internationally acclaimed and tested ePages online software with state-of-the-art information security. The up-to-date information security solutions safeguard safe shopping in your online store now and in the future.

Can I have a multiple language online store?

Yes, you can. It's easy to create a multiple language store with our online store software. Vilkas Group services support several different languages. You can save all product information and description / presentation texts, etc. into a language of your choosing.

Can I start an online store even if I don't have a company?

In order to open a shop with us you need to be registered for VAT and have a VAT number. Here you can read more about what a VAT number is.

What is ePages software?

The internationally renowned ePages on-demand shop system forms the core of the Vilkas Group online store solution. ePages GmbH is one of the leading online business software producers in the world. ePages is a reliable, state-of-the-art online store platform with more than 120.000 satisfied users globally. Vilkas Group and ePages have been partners already since 1998.

What is Vilkas Group?

Vilkas Group Ltd is an experienced ecommerce service provider, founded in Finland in 1995. In our high-end server system there are 1600 B2C and B2B online stores. With our high quality services you'll secure your business' future growth path. Our product development guarantees the best functionality for your service also in the future.

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